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Dear NLCA Family,

   The last few months have been a challenge for all of us – each of us in different ways, but the common thread we all have is the desire for Christian education for your family.  As we watch history unfold before us, it is even more imperative to teach Truth from God’s Word in every subject and to encourage students to love their Savior and their country.  

   In order for us to do that this fall, we have written the New Life Christian Academy COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, based on MI Safe Schools: Michigan’s 2020 -2021, Return to School Roadmap.  This is per the Governor’s Executive Order (2020-142) regarding all schools in Michigan – including nonpublic schools. As we work with CSI, ACSI, and MANS* to come back to school with a good plan, we realize that there is constant change, and these organizations are working to help Christian schools follow the mandates, while maintaining our unique Christian learning environment.  We are not engaging in political discussions, but rather preparing for what we love to do – teach your children.  We ask that you continue to trust us to do our best to meet the needs of students and to continue to move them forward in education.  We are using common sense planning, while following guidelines given to us.  This plan will be posted on the school website by August 17th. 

   Following the guidelines of Phase 4 (which we are currently in) students in elementary will not be required to wear masks while in classrooms, but each student must have one at school.  The guidelines for Phase 4 call for students in grades 6-12 to wear masks while in class.  Per the Michigan Road Map, “Any student who cannot medically tolerate a facial covering must not wear one,” (p. 22). If this would apply to your child, please get a doctor’s order for the school to have on file.  We will be proactive and prepared to keep our students as safe and healthy as possible.  We are blessed because due to our small class sizes (in comparison to public institutions), we are able to socially distance our students within the classroom.   

   We plan on coming back to school five days a week!  Because we know some parents are questioning whether or not they should return, we are offering a “modified hybrid plan” in which we will teach your children online and keep them at pace with the students here at school.  Our goal is that when you feel ready to reengage at school, your children will be with the rest of the class.  We are doing our best to customize our education at NLCA to fit the needs of our school families.  The teachers will be working so hard this year - to teach in the classroom, disinfect their classroom, as well as teach students who are learning from home that we will continue with the published tuition schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.   


   Please keep in mind that students will be eating in their classrooms in Phase 4 (and/or the beginning of school).  Please try to pack no or low prep lunches, as teachers will be helping children heat-up food items in microwaves and lunch is only 30 minutes in length.  There will be a limited menu for snacks and lunch available.  Changes in the lunch program will be made as the Phases change in our state. 

   We are certain that there are many questions in parents’ minds regarding education this fall, but as we have put together our plan, our single goal has been to get students back into the classroom and be as normal as we possibly can!  We are planning to be ready to do distance learning again if required, but you will see improvement in how it is set-up in order to accommodate families with several children, and most of all, to keep students engaged.    We take our commitment to education very seriously, and desire to continue our relationship with each school family.

   We continue to plan our Back to School Camp (grades K-5) and Retreat (grades 6-12) for Thursday and Friday, August 27-28, 2020.  Elementary students will be here at school and secondary students will once again be at Goodells Park.  Preschool students do not begin school until August 31. 

   For those not yet re-enrolled, due to class size limits for spacing, and the desire for five day/week schooling, if you have not re-enrolled, your child’s space cannot be held.  Please contact the school office and let us get you on the list! (  If you feel that the “modified hybrid plan” is the choice for your family at this time, please contact the office to get your name on that list. 

May you be blessed as you enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for a great fall!

For Christ Centered Education,

   New Life Christian Academy

*CSI (Christian Schools International); ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International); MANS (Michigan Association of Nonpublic Schools)

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